Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers to these questions:

What kind of people is the Company looking for?


The Company is looking for people with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for people who have just started their careers in the industry. Our team is inviting unconventional people, engaged in work and ready for the challenges posed by the pharmaceutical market. We want to attract employees who are motivated to act and are prepared for continuous learning and professional development, because we believe that only this attitude enables a truly effective development of individuals and organizations.

What does the job induction consist in?


Every newly recruited person undergoes an intensive initial training, which covers product issues found in the Company's portfolio, as well as competing products, Company rules, and irrespective of the possessed experience - a sales training.

Is the person taking on the job immediately integrated into the incentive system?


Yes, every new employee is included in the bonus system and has the opportunity to receive a bonus that is proportional to the time worked in a given settlement period.

What business tools does the Company provide to the employees working in the position of a pharmaceutical representative?


Every employee employed in the position of a pharmaceutical representative receives official tools facilitating the performance of tasks, such as a Company car, tablet, telephone.

What system for reporting the work of Pharmaceutical Representatives is used by the Company?


Representatives use the online version of FarmaProm to plan and report their activities.

Does the company offer promotion opportunities for its employees?


Fortis Pharmaceuticals is a young organization that is constantly evolving. The assumption and preferred development path at Fortis Pharmaceuticals is the development of employees within the organization.

What additional perks does the Company guarantee to its employees?


The Company grants the MultiSport PLUS card to the employees free of charge. Thanks to this card the employees get free and unlimited access to thousands of sports facilities located throughout the country.